So Much More Than “Couples Therapy”

Most people have some idea of what couples therapy looks like from TV or movies—well, this isn’t that. Through my unique style and approach, I free men and women alike to dig in and find answers. Whether you’re dealing with specific relationship struggles, considering divorce, or just looking for techniques to communicate better, I can help you and your partner build skills and find solutions.

Marriage Therapy Techniques

Come together, communicate better, and find answers.

Divorce Is Not the Only Option

I get it, you’ve tried everything and you’re at your wits end. It feels like other therapists waste your time, and a self-help book isn’t personalized to your situation. That’s where I come in. When we work together in marriage therapy, you’ll stop wasting time. Instead of putting a bandage on, we’ll dig in and heal the deeper wound—quickly.

Finding Patterns

I believe it’s not your heart, it’s your habits that cause struggles in relationships. Once we start looking, we can often find repeated patterns and routines that you’ve developed to get through previous times in your life. In just a few sessions, you’ll start seeing these connections for yourself, and you can look to the future and choose something different.

Skill Building to Manage Life

After identifying your repeated habits throughout relationships in your life, we’ll spend time breaking those that no longer serve you, and building new skills that you can apply to multiple areas of your life.  The end result? Lifelong, permanent change. And we’re not talking about months of therapy to get there—my clients leave their first session knowing where to start.

Ready to finally address the hurdles in your relationship so you can find freedom and connection?

Let's get after it.


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