Feeling out of control and overwhelmed is holding you back, but you’re too busy to see a therapist for years. Whether we’re working on your marriage, building self love, or finding balance, you deserve to feel your best and be the best version of yourself—now. My clients in Spooner, Rice Lake, and Cumberland, Webster, Grantsburg and Siren, WI see real, long-lasting results in as little as 6 sessions. 


When challenges come up in a marriage, they can often be a reflection of experiences you’ve had in other relationships. We’ll dig deep to find the roots of the patterns and habits impacting every relationship in your life. In a stress-free, no-nonsense setting, this won't feel like the couples therapy you’re imagining. 


You need to love yourself to love others. Once you learn to take care of and love yourself, you can unlock a new world of positivity. When we work together, I’ll help you see a hopeful path before you. As a solutions-focused therapist, I help identify tasks that improve your outlook and build life-long change.

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Group 3

About My Office at Soar Services

The team at Soar Services handles scheduling, billing, and insurance for my clients, ensuring a simple, seamless experience. If you'd like to work with me for individual, family, or couples counseling, you can schedule a session through Soar Services.

This isn’t the therapy or self-help books you’ve tried before. You’ve never seen transformation like this.

Let's get after it.


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